Corporate presentations

Templates, video presentations, pitch decks or makeovers

Sloppy slides, boring bullets, wordy windows, awful animations, tacky transitions, ghastly graphics, manky masters… not on our watch! We won’t let dodgy decks kill your business.

Keep your audience riveted throughout your corporate presentation. Let’s design a powerful PowerPoint presentation tailor-made to your needs and fully customisable. We’ll make sure it’s attractive and sleek, and filled with boredom-busting, eye-catching, mind-blowing visuals.

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Presentation templates

Save your business not only time and money, but many presentation headaches and frustrations as well. Brand consistent, customisable templates solve the problem of several different templates used within your business. We design professional, brand aligned templates ensuring a consistent message throughout.

Video presentation

Present your business to your clients or make important announcements through video presentations. When you can’t be with your clients in person, you can still convey your message digitally. We combine your content with an attractive mix of static and animated visual elements to create powerful communication tools.

Pitch decks

Grow your business with more investments or more clients or customers. Your story is exciting and engaging, so let your pitch deck convey those same emotions to your audience. We create animated and interactive pitch presentations to help you to ‘sell’ your business to potential investors, clients or customers.

Presentation makeovers

Whether you like it or not, your presentations PRESENT you. If yours are outdated or unprofessional, that’s what your audience will think of you. If your presentations aren’t brand consistent, will your business be taken seriously? We revamp your existing presentations to refresh and update their look and feel.