We are

Creators of eye-catching designs tailored to our clients' needs


Evolve Unlimited is a design studio based in Cape Town with over 20 years’ experience in commercial design. We initially worked with small local companies, but have since grown our client base to large global corporations.

Evolving our design solutions with our clients’ needs, has seen our agency develop into one that mainly focusses on presentation designs. We design brand new or revamp existing slide decks for our clients’ internal or external meetings, pitches and workshops.

Andrea Hoffman

Creative Director and Founder

“The captivating design dynamo”, a design virtuoso with over 20 years of expertise, renowned for her vibrant, fun, and edgy approach with an unwavering eye for detail.

Loizet Heyl

Graphic designer & editor

‘The Brilliant Mind’, an intelligent and sharp thinker, whose expertise and innovative vision drive transformative solutions and elevate businesses to new heights.

Chris Hoffman

Marketing & Strategy

“The marketing maverick” with over 20 years in strategy and development. A creative visionary with an astute eye for figures, he shapes business success like no other.

Menan Du Plessis

Graphic designer & web developer

‘The Edgy Maestro’, a brilliant designer with a unique style and a touch of dry humor that brings unparalleled creativity to every project.

Slate Hoffman


“Sleeeedy” our furry HR expert. With a wagging tail and a passion for handshakes, he’s the cuddly spirit of our team, a pro at ‘pawsitive’ vibes.

Kirstin Sham

Graphic designer & web developer

‘The Style Guru’, a creative force with an enduring presence at Evolve. Her legendary tenure and witty charm make her the studio’s living landmark


Making things work and look good is what we love to do. We create cutting edge designs that’s tailored to your needs and taste. Evolving your content and information to something eye-catching is what we live for.


We are constantly growing and developing our skills and design solutions to match our clients’ ever-changing needs. Delivering quality work in excellent turn-around times is a non-negotiable for us at Evolve Unlimited.


Brainstorming and coming up with the perfect solution for your design dilemma is what we live for. We’ll work with you from the beginning to bring your ideas to life. Creating eye-catching designs is what drives us.


We at Evolve Unlimited pride ourselves on supplying the best quality work and doing so efficiently. Providing a service leaving you coming back for more and sharing your experience with others is our marketing.